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I am Lanzi,an amputee. I will produce more wonderful content for my fans who support me.Sincerely thank you all.


"Alisa: Outdoor activities in the morning"is online.

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"Ayla: Pretty girl's red dress"is online.

"Iris is strolling outdoors"is online.

"Alisa: Shopping at the mall"is online.

"Loli cc:played bad"is online.

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"Iris'stump"is online.

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"Loli CC's rope tying show"is online.

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Anja: Black stockings and green high heels

"Anja washes her soft feet"is online.

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"Carolina:Quad uses prosthetics to practice standing and moving"is online.

"Loli cc walking hard on a muddy country road"is online.

New model New video:"Carrie: polio with 1 crutch"

"Loli cc:Polio & blind girl on crutches"is online.

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"Loli cc:Polio & blind girl on crutches"is online.

"Nancy:Polio walks through the city on one crutch"is online.

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New model New video:"Nancy:polio with one crutch"

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"Ayla's Stump Massage"is online.

"Anja's playing with her soft legs"is online.

"Loli Cc's Elbow Crutches and Glass Slippers"is online.

"Lanzi's jeans and stockings"is online.

"Ayla's hopping around and stump massage"is online.

New model New video:"Anja plays with legs on the bed"

"Lanzi by the moat"is online.

"Loli Cc's Hard Walk"is online.

"Ayla's Stockings"is online.

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“Lilys' morning”is online.

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Lanzi's red dress

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"Lanzi's stump walking exercise on crutch"is online.

"Lanzi's hopping around"is online.

“Lanzi's prosthetic show”is online.

"Lilys'washes up and goes to bed"is online.

"Lanzi's daily life of living alone"is online.

“Lanzi's Cosplay bandage(ooe+blind)”is online.

"Lilys'life alone"is online.

“ Lanzi's five high heels”is online.

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Hello April, “Lanzi's lazy afternoon”is online

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“Lanzi's smile(left crutch,right hi_heel)”is online.

"Lanzi's morning"is online.

"Empty stockings blowing in the wind"is online.

"Walking through the spring scenery"is online.